Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Metallica @ Ozzfest 2008

Oh hell yeah!! I was there!! Albeit adventurously.
So I had a early morning flight to Dallas from Logan. The flight got delayed and I still missed it. by a minute. But try explaining that to the US Airways lady who shut the skywalk door in front of me. Who in the world misses a delayed flight. So then I was stuck at Boston airport for 5 hours. Grabbed some breakfast and was generally hanging out, trying not too look suspicious.

When the time came to board the new flight, US Airways announced they are overbooked and looking for volunteers to stay back for another flight. I was almost sure if no one stood up, they would off load me first. None of that happened. Got safely to Charlotte (stop over) and in a timely fashion. Same story repeats at the Charlotte airport. The volunteers bit, not me missing the flight. But there were some people who chose to wait back. Makes me wonder, who wants to fly on random days to random places. If I am heading somewhere, I have a plan, or atleast a place to be at a time.

Anyways got to Dallas also on time, and shared a ride to get to Pizza Hut Park around 6 pm. Tons of bands I missed on stage but I wasn't there was tons of bands. I was there for only one band.

Concert ticket....$150
Flight ticket....$350
Food and beverages....$100
Watch Metallica live....Priceless

It was also half way across the US. But still priceless. They played after Ozzy. They played everything I wanted them to and much more. Sad but true, Nothing else matters, Enter sandman, One, Seek & Destroy, Harvester, Master, Ride the lightning. Not one song from Load, Reload or St. Anger. Great 2.5 hour set. On the encore, King Diamond joined them for their Garage cover of his song, "Mercyful fate". They also played one new song from Death Magnetic. I am not completely convinced about the new album from this one song. Still lacks Hammet's solos.

But all in all super good. More than worth my money, time, sleep, and hunger.
And oh Ozzy was good too.