Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Zero

Ok ok this is not the same pressure as in an IIT setting. That probably cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world imo. I can say that with confidence having been an Indian media witness of the IIT job forum chaos for the past 5 years atleast.
That does not mean I'm any less important, atleast to myself. Having established that, I have officially begun the job search process today. Company no. 1 who deserves my attention is W.R.Grace. Funny story, they have been bankrupt for 7 years (US style, which is funny, but about that on another day) and were sued some time back for some form of asbestos contamination. Brilliant start to a promising career I say. Whatay??!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rose Polenzani & Session Americana

Last night I went to the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge to check out Rose Polenzani CD release party. I've heard her once before at the same venue and had loved her music. And to top it off, Session Americana was the guest band for the evening. On a side note, they will also be the house band for a month at Lizard.
Rose's music is something I would not listen to normally. But there is something about her voice and her lyrics that draw me to her music. And last night was no different.
Session Americana also is music I do not listen to regularly, but these guys have so much fun playing live, it's hard not to get sucked in. Highlight of the night, cover of "So Lonely" and then the last 2 songs dedicated to the bassist Kimon Kirk about to leave. The thing about these guys is they play around a roundtable and all sing into one microphone. And keep exchanging instruments. At one point, they were trying to teach Kimon to play the mandarin.
And may I say I absolutely love the setting at Lizard and the beer. Good house beers on tap unavailable elsewhere mostly and perfect setting for a good night of music and camaraderie.
The only disappointing thing is when its a relatively small setting and the music is not all that loud, some people talk a little too loudly and the thing is their conversation decibel rises with the volume of the music. But hey, its not my house and there is only so much dirty-staring capacity in me. So you learn to try and ignore such people.


Went to check out these Finnish guys famous for playing Metallica covers. What with my faith in Metallica now re-born; not the same ole glory days pre-Reload and St. Anger, but getting there. Anyways I was at the Palladium in Worcester on Thruday night to listen to some great covers of Master, One and Nothing Else Matters, which are the only ones I've heard by these guys. The club turned out to be pretty cool and also had a full bar. And $5 beers instead of freakin $8 beers as is the norm to loot fans at any other bigger venue.
The music was good, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear them play David Bowie's "Heroes". Good cover. Among Metallica songs, they played One & Seek & Destroy.
Now I wait for January to hear Metallica play again.