Thursday, May 29, 2008


It's interesting how you can attach very specific memories to someone. I might have been 15 or 16 years old when I visited my dad's friends in London. I had never liked mushrooms until then. Bharat uncle perceived and found out its because I had never tried eating them.
And then he told me to try one. He said they are just like potatoes, they can taste whatever you want them to taste. And that opened up my veggie existence by probably 50%. Thank you Bharat uncle.
And if I could make 3 recommendations about mushrooms, they have to be:
1. Veg Crespella at Don Giovanni (Mumbai) - pasta sheet filled with mushrooms and cheese
2. Mushroom Ravioli at Sunny's (Bangalore)
3. Home-made Mushroom Sautee by Jayneel Vora (Best chef I know today)

Unfortunately I do not have the same memories of meat.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Bombay

So I did go home. Unfortunately the short trip of 11 days had to be shortened to 8 days :(
Fortunately though met almost everyone I wanted to. Glad friends could make the long trip from work into Bombay.
First 5 days I was still trying to feel like home. I didn't all that much. And then I went to Mondy's on Friday night. Great night out. Good friends, good music, and good ole Mondy's ( And later in the night, great Pau Bhaji on the street. Love it.
Saturday afternoon was Don Giovanni. Best Italian restaurant in Bombay by far. Had a great Maybach Merlot with the Veg Crespella and the Giovanni funghi. The night had pani puri and Ayub's paneer roll. Yum!!
The one thing I heard the most during my trip though was how fat I've become. Not exactly a rude awakening but more a reiteration of my something I knew for a while. Will pay attention to that now. Can't go fully green, though could use a little less cheese on everything.
Hardly spent anytime with the folks or with friends for that matter. But December beckons. Will take a trip down South say December 23-Jan 5 or so. Anyone interested keep dates open.