Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Who @ Fleetcenter

Checked out The Who last night. These guys are sick old mofos. They played for 2 hours. Setlist included My generation, Baba O Reilly, Who are you, and all their big hits. Encore was a 4 song Tommy set list. No Sally Simpson though; only disappointment.

Before the show, 6 of us were at Hurricane O Reilly's across from the Fleetcenter, getting pretty wasted on Captain and cokes, and Blue Moon mostly.

I'm not looking forward to today :(

Monday, October 6, 2008

Indian Ocean in Boston

Love the men from New Delhi. But tonight's show was only moderately satisfactory. First of all, I thought the sound in Kresge at MIT sucked. Not sure if it was the sound system or the room's acoustics but it just wasn't what I would expect from Indian Ocean.
They played their regular playlist where you can expect Kandisa, Kya Maloom, Bandheh and all those other crowd pleasers especially Hille Le; don't know why they play that snog. I hate it. Good lyrics but it's like saying Pink Floyd's best song is Another Brick in the Wall (read this is not their best stuff)
But the main reason I wasn't too impressed was because the music did not flow very well tonight. I've seen them do their jugalbandis before on stage. They carry it off very well usually. But tonight it seemed more forced.
And to top it off Susmit Sen was playing an electric guitar all night. His sound is much better off on an acoustic and tonight proved that.
But hey how much can one comlpain for a $15 ticket. But I'm glad I could introduce 3 more people to Indian Ocean's music. They say they liked it. Who am I to judge.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I call "Bullshit"

Apple Threatens iTunes Shutdown over Royalty Dispute

I believe this is simply a case of Jobs trying to throw his weight around for absolutely no reason. And such a release from Apple does not make sense. Not because it sounds stupid, but because they cannot afford to do such a thing. Not that Apple is making a ton of money from iTunes. No sir, they claim to be almost losing money in the store. And if the royalties are increased they say they surely will lose money on every song, because they do not wish to increase the 99 cents a song to $1.05 a song.
But there is a bigger story here and that is Apple has for the last 4-5 years been building an ecosystem around iTunes. iPod, iPhone are both completely reliant on the iTunes. Well that's not completely true. They can be run on any other programs also, but just the simplicity of using iTunes for music and other media transfer makes it important enough for Apple to have in their stable.
And if they plan to continue expanding into media and entertainment offerings, like Apple TV and Time Capsule, then they definately need iTunes to be at the center of their Household Entertainment hub. So I call "Bullshit" or "Bluff" depending where in the world you are.