Sunday, July 19, 2009

NY love affair part 1

This is about my love affair with NY city. Was over in the city for one night to bid adieu to pieyu. This city is closest I feel to home. People on the streets at all times. Noise, hustle, bustle, street food. Damn Boston & (M)assachussetts.
This time, I took in the Williamsburg experience. Super-cool. Bedford & 7th is hipster central. Started the night at My Moon. Moved to an event where Karsh Kale was supposed to play for a CD release party. Kale didn't show up but we had jaegger and tequila back to back. You only regret this in the morning always. Moved onto Redhead in the East Village. Small, friendly bar. I walked in and asked the bartender how long they would serve us drinks. It was 2 am. And I wasn't nearly ready to sleep. You gotta love a bar that replies, "Legally till 4". Ended the drinking there with a Manhattan. Final stop: Ghetto chinese food. Best. Chinese. In. The. US. Had mushroom fried rice and egg foo yong. Soo delicious. Almost like chinese food back home; chinese food with some taste and spice. Got back to my bed in Loftstel, which btw is a cheap place to stay. 50 bucks a night for a bed in Williamsburg.
Got up in the morning a little earlier than I would need to catch my bus, cause I needed to have Mamouns falafel before coming back to Boston. They ask you to add the hot sauce yourself. They aren't kidding when they say it's spicy. Ate one, took one. And back to Boston.
This post is part 1, cause I'd like to think there's gonna be many more night like these in NYC. Great friends, great food, great strangers and cool bars; what more can one ask for in one night.
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