Sunday, April 27, 2008

The longing

I came to Boston nine months back. I now look at the journey through 2 different lenses:
The MBA viewpoint: Never enough time to complete everything
The Bombay viewpoint: Been so long since I was home, Bombay, not Mumbai
The good thing is, 1st year of MBA is coming to a close, and within a month, I'll be back home.
Home to China Garden, Cafe Madras, Jewel of India, Cream Centre and pav bhaji and vada-pav on the streets.
Home to Marine Drive, Worli sea face, Bandstand and Carter Road.
Home to Sterling, Regal, Eros, Aurora and Metro.
Home to Cafe Mondegar's, Toto's, Koliwada and GC.
Home to pouring rain and sweltering heat.
Home to friends and family and new borns.
With whom I can share the experiences of being at all those places.
With whom I can share the experiences of being away.
With whom I can take snapshots, and hope to miss them next time.
To whom I can say, "I missed you".


Jayneel said...

Wassup... good stuff buddy... although i cant relate to blogging in general... i certainly can relate to the stuff uve written.. the end i hope we end up meetin either in Bombay or Boston..its been a while..miss u.. Cheers...

Deepak Mehra said...

Duuuuuuuuuuude! Well begun man... I hope you keep blogging regularly - I love reading what you write! :)

Shreya said...

Now look what you've done! I miss Bombay even more now :'(

I can't wait to meet up with everyone!

Dhairav said...

Well, wrested with the idea of blogging versus sending email updates to friends and thought this way people don't have to read everything you write. power to the people to choose.
And I mean every word of what came out in that blog. All heart baby.
Will try to be regular about this.

Dhairav said...

Oh in the blog I did miss out to write, "Home to friends and family and new borns.... and soon to be newly weds"

Piyush said...

hey dude!!! very well written yaar!!! "Maar hi daaloge!!"

amrita said...

hey... very touching... miss u a lot too... come soon... n ditto to wat piyush said... :) muahh!!