Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh Bombay

So I did go home. Unfortunately the short trip of 11 days had to be shortened to 8 days :(
Fortunately though met almost everyone I wanted to. Glad friends could make the long trip from work into Bombay.
First 5 days I was still trying to feel like home. I didn't all that much. And then I went to Mondy's on Friday night. Great night out. Good friends, good music, and good ole Mondy's (http://picasaweb.google.co.in/dhai13/MondysSummer08). And later in the night, great Pau Bhaji on the street. Love it.
Saturday afternoon was Don Giovanni. Best Italian restaurant in Bombay by far. Had a great Maybach Merlot with the Veg Crespella and the Giovanni funghi. The night had pani puri and Ayub's paneer roll. Yum!!
The one thing I heard the most during my trip though was how fat I've become. Not exactly a rude awakening but more a reiteration of my something I knew for a while. Will pay attention to that now. Can't go fully green, though could use a little less cheese on everything.
Hardly spent anytime with the folks or with friends for that matter. But December beckons. Will take a trip down South say December 23-Jan 5 or so. Anyone interested keep dates open.


Deepak Mehra said...

In December, be here by 10th, or don't be here at all :-P