Saturday, November 29, 2008

All Ye Old Monkers

I am not a huge fan of rum, Bacardi or Captain. Although if I had to choose between those two, with some convincing from our little Mexican Jaime, I'll do some Captain & coke. By the way Jaime actually is born in Argentina, grew up in Bolivia and spent most of his adult life in the US. The only reason he is called a Mexican is coz he is married to one and has introduced us to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Boston: La Verdad. But Jaime & La Verdad deserve a separate post.
This post is about Old Monk. The sweet tasting rum I can say I grew up with. By grew up with obviously I mean my post alcohol discovered growth years. This is a rum I will drink out of choice, rather than out of forced choice. I thought it was only available in the cheap Indian bars at first, since most of the "upper class" bars even in Mumbai don't serve this. They believe Bacardi is a finer rum. (crap) And lo and behold; can you imagine my surprise when I found the familiar squarish bottle of this dark rum at a friend's house (American that too) in friggin Wellesley. Could not be more obscure.
Apparently there is one chain of liquor stores in the Boston area (Marty's) that carries this. And so the day after that discovery I was at Marty's to find and bring home some for myself. Thank you Marty's for carrying this and even more for "Recommending" Old Monk.
I wish more people knew about this. But really I wonder what it would take to market this rum. Build a brand. They already distribute the rum in the US. The simplest way would be to discover what best mixes with Old Monk. I am still trying to find it myself. Tried Gingerale which works well, but we would need something that is not all that sweet, but only helps enhance the sweet taste of the rum itself. And then market the hell out of the mixed drink. Hmmm.... (hic)
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