Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pandora advertising

As I am blogging and trying to finish my assignment on communications strategy for Viagra, Pandora is playing my custom station Kings of Leon (which have I mentioned are one of my fav new acts). One interesting thing I have noticed is the side adverts that keep changing once in a while. A while back it was Sprint, followed by Jameson irish whiskey & now its Jockey. I have also noticed Dos Equis at some point in the past. Amongst all the noise of how to make money on new media and especially on internet radio, I think what they have done is clever.
All the adverts come with custom stations. Now I don't know how related the music on those stations is to the brand that is advertising, but my hope is that the music would be reflective of the target audiences tastes. If the core audience of the brand in question can relate to the most of the music on that station, then the advert is a success imo. Also it would be real easy to do that if the brand has managed to clearly state its core identity. All Pandora then has to do is apply the requisite filters to that station. And since they would be tracking the user behaviour also, the brand can get some truly useful feedback I think as the model evolves. Here is a screenshot of the advertising on Pandora that I am talking about.

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