Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yes We Can!

This is a little late, but everyone seems to have an opinion on this subject. I am going to leave my opinion out as much as possible (that can be another post another time). I want to talk more about my experience of the night Obama & America did it.
I was invited to a friends house to watch the results of this historic US Presidential election race. Obviously I took him up on it, since I have no cable at home, and there could not have been anything better to do on this night. Its once in 4 years and more importantly this one was once in probably 20 or more I think. Everyone in the room was confident Obama was going to win, me included. Most were still not sure by how much he would actually win.
Before the result was declared I knew that Obama winning important to more people than him losing. But I had not fully understood the emotions behind that. What happened in that room when the result was declared was something I was not prepared for, and was truly surprised by. Besides the screams and tears of joy and the clanking of bottles and glasses full of tequila, there was a truly emotional story told that night. A friend who served in Afghanistan said, "This is for my cousins & my friends who have given up their lives for the wrong reasons. I have been to more funerals than anyone my age should have been to." Afghanistan was the right war but Iraq is the wrong one. I do not necessarily agree with the former.
The other thing that I did not understand before I was given the context for it was, "America has chosen a Black man for President." This is not as important because it is the first time this has happened, but because Black folks did not have voting rights as little as 40 years ago. That to me is epic. But there are some implications for highlighting that aspect especially since it was not given as much attention before the election as was his Muslim origins, which he is not. And Anindita does a good job here of raising the issues related to that.
But overall it was an extremely enlightening, emotionally packed, thrilling and obviously alcohol filled night.
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